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sas band

Tony Hadley with Spike Edney & Jamie Moses

Photo: Amanda Rose

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Legendary recording artists join Spike and his All-Star band to perform their greatest hits.

Founded by Queen’s keyboardist and renown musical director, Spike Edney, THE SAS BAND, (a.k.a. Spike’s All-Stars) is the ultimate All-Star Band!

Featuring a world class band, the artists and musicians who appear with The SAS Band are some of the world’s greatest Rock, Pop and Soul performers.

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“It’s been an absolute honour to perform with Spike’s All-Star Band and celebrate their utter brilliance…!’’
MELANIE C (Spice Girls)
“…Together we have certainly pegged down some great dreams…SPIKEY ROCKS! TO RESIST IS FUTILE!’’
“Thirty one glorious years of reminding us what to play… and when! So many fun nights, but always a musical tower of strength! STORM ONWARDS SPIKE!”
“The SAS Band make my songs sound just like the record!’’
“Spike is one of THE most talented, charming and funny people I have ever had the pleasure to know and work with! It’s an honour and pleasure to call him a friend.”
ERIC SINGER (Drummer, Kiss)
“I like playing with the SAS Band because of the chicks and the money…definitely the chicks and the money”
“I love the man dearly and his approach to his music and his life is nothing but inspiring.’’
FISH (Marillion)
“I produced that song…These guys are great!”
AHMET ERTEGUN (Founder of Atlantic Records)
“It’s the Rock Party of the year!”

The SAS Band has performed at an array of international high profile public concerts, major corporate events and exclusive private parties around the world. These performances include The Prince’s Trust “Party in the Park,” and the Mandela 46664 concerts in Cape Town, Hyde Park, London and Radio City Music Hall, NY. Corporate clients feature Microsoft, Harley Davidson, HSBC and McClaren Mercedes, amongst others and Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, Brian May, Rod Stewart, Bob Geldof and The Rolling Stones are a few members of the rockistocracy who have requested Spike to create memorable music moments for their wedding and special event.

In addition to being Queen’s keyboard player and touring musical director since 1984, British multi-instrumentalist, Spike Edney has toured, performed and/or recorded with some of the greatest names in Rock & Pop history for over 40 years. It is from this extensive network of musicians and rock star friends he will draw upon to put together each custom tailored show for your next event. Many historic musical moments have been created on a SAS Band stage!